Characteristics of a High-Quality Veterinary Practice

Pet owners expect a lot from their veterinarians. Their pet is their closest and most loyal friend, and they won’t entrust its health to someone they don’t think is best suited to the job. Here are some characteristics of a high-quality veterinary practice you should do your best to emulate.

1. Empathetic Staff

It’s important for everyone on your staff to love animals, and empathize and care for them under any circumstances. They will be around animals all day, often when they are sick, injured, or frightened, and if they dislike the work, it’s a safe bet your clients will pick up on it. One person with a negative attitude about animals can spoil the atmosphere of a veterinary practice, and lead clients to take their beloved pets elsewhere.

2. Knowledgeable, Sensitive Doctors

While all staff members should be empathetic, it is most important that the veterinarian themselves be in tune with the needs of their patients and their human companions. An animal can’t tell you what’s wrong, so the doctor must be very attuned to what is happening with that animal. The pet’s owner is likely to be in a state of panic or distress if the animal is sick, so the doctor must be sensitive to both the patient and the human companion in order to provide the best care possible.

3. Strong Communication

It’s very important to have good communication between veterinarian and patient. In most cases, often means good reception staff and a strong organizational system. Don’t skimp on the support staff or the computer system you use to organize your data.

4. Up-to-Date Equipment

Good veterinary equipment can be expensive, but you owe it to your patients to give them the best treatment you can provide. Old or sub-par equipment can hurt efficiency, costing you both time and money, and could even put your patients at risk. New equipment also opens up the opportunity to offer additional procedures, which can help drive new business to your practice.

5. Flexible Payment Options

A common fear among pet owners is that their pet will get sick and they’ll end up with a huge bill they can’t afford, forcing them to choose between their finances and their pet’s health. You want the opportunity to help every pet that comes through your doors get well.

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