5 Ways to Set Your Company Apart from the Competition

Being different means standing out in a sea of competition. When you are unique in a business environment, it helps build trust, and you may even attract more customers.

But how can you be different with so much competition out there? The answers are simpler than you may think.

Fill in the Gaps
One way to stand out is to offer something your customers want, but other businesses aren’t offering. Examine your customer’s experience from start to finish, and think of an additional service or product that will make their lives easier.

For example, at one time, no dry cleaners offered delivery service, but then few enterprising businesses noticed customers sometimes had to rush to pick up their clothing and started offering delivery services. This idea took off and many dry cleaners began offering easier ways to pick up orders.

Stay True to Your Story
One thing that makes you stand out in your field is your unique story. Maybe you started your business because you saw a need. Perhaps your team came together because of a shared passion. Let your customers get to know the story behind the company — share it on social media, your blog and your website.

Communicate Well
When you communicate well, buyers and clients feel valued, and this creates loyal, repeat customers. There are many ways to improve communication with your customers. Make it a point to reply to voicemail, email and other messages promptly. Offering customers several ways to communicate with you, so they can select the channels that are most comfortable for them, is a great way to build trust. Listen when they speak, and respond with solutions, not excuses, and always give them as much information about your products and services as possible, so they feel empowered when they make a buying decision.

Build a Unique Company Culture
Company culture can make your business unique and can even encourage your team to bring their best effort every day.

You build a culture by looking at your values. If you want to encourage creativity, for example, you may want to set up unique creative spaces to encourage employees to contribute ideas. If you want to encourage employees to help others, you may want to set up a volunteer board or a volunteer team at your company. Think big and start dreaming up ways to create an amazing place to work!

Offer Them More
Customers are always looking for more, and you want to be the business that offers it to them. One way you can offer your customers more is by offering financing. When your customers can get financing easily and simply at the point of sale, they may be more likely to stay loyal and buy more from you because you’ve given them the purchasing power to do so.

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