The Benefits of Offering Point of Need Financing

When you have customers who are ready to buy, you don’t want anything discouraging them. In many cases, they may want to purchase a high-priced item, but feel that it is out of their price range. In situations like this, offering financing can be a great way to close more sales and grow your revenue. And the best place to offer financing is right where your customers need it most – the point of sale.

A customer who isn’t sure they can pay for a project, purchase, or service won’t be fully focused on your selling points. They could leave and not return, or they may have difficulty securing financing through a bank or other financial institution. When you offer them a fast, easy, competitive loan through LendingUSA at the moment they are ready to make their purchase, you’ll increase your conversion rate significantly.

There are many benefits to offering point of need financing with LendingUSA – here are just a few.

Increased Customer Loyalty
A customer who feels their needs are being met or exceeded will keep coming back. Customers who intend to finance a purchase will appreciate the convenience of not having to find financing elsewhere, and will leave with a positive experience.

Increased Sales
The last thing you want is a potential customer who wants your goods or services to fail to convert because of doubts or difficulty over financing. If the financing they require is available directly at the point of need, you have a much better chances of closing the sale. Don’t let potential customers walk out — they may not be back later!

Fast Loan Decisions
LendingUSA has crafted sophisticated lending solutions to offer fast and easy loan decisions to applicants. Our criteria enables more of your potential customers to secure the budget flexibility they need to feel comfortable making their purchase.

Easy Financing
Our software is clear and easy to use, and our financing process is simple, fast, and can be completed entirely online. Your customers can request their desired financing at your point of sale location. We give them quick credit decisions and competitive rates with options for 36 or 60 month payment plans that best suit their budget.

LendingUSA’s technology-driven point of sale lending solution can help your business reach its full potential. Knowing that there’s a fast and easy loan provider waiting for them at the point of sale lets your customers focus on your products and services. It’s a fast and easy way to make more conversions and keep customers coming back.

Your customers appreciate when you go above and beyond to satisfy them. Schedule your free demo today, and see how easy it is to offer a fast, easy financing process right where your customers will need it most!